Pharmapar, proud distributor of the PlanSanté Web platform

With the upcoming implementation of Bill 41, pharmacies will become an increasingly important point of service for patients throughout the Province and the increased flow of clientele may become more difficult to manage for pharmacists.

What is PlanSanté?

PlanSanté is an appointment-taking platform specifically designed for Quebec pharmacies. This tool has been created to manage and promote your existing services and those related to Bill 41.

Pharmapar has decided to create PlanSanté to help you manage and develop your current service offering in preparation for Bill 41.

Your patients will be able to make appointments for various services directly through to the PlanSanté platform, or with a member of your staff.

PlanSanté will allow you to:

  • improve the way you manage your pharmacy
  • optimize the work of your employees
  • promote your pharmacy and the various services your offer
  • simplify your schedule for your clients

For additional information, please contact your Pharmapar representative!

Please visit us on PLANSANTE.CA and get started


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