The PharmaBlogue

The first multidisciplinary health platform in Quebec.

Why PharmaBlogue?

The health care community is constantly evolving and pharmacists are playing an increasingly important role in our health care system. According to a research by Marie-Claude Laliberté published on BMC health, pharmacists say they wish to be more involved in preventing disease and promoting health. However, the lack of time and coordination between health care professionals as well as the lack of resources represent an obstacle for pharmacists.

Our objective

To create the first multidisciplinary health care platform in Quebec which will allow every player in the health care community to share their knowledge and expertise by publishing articles and comments related to the subject of health care.

The platform

Pharmapar has decided to provide health care professionals with a collaborative and informative platform where everyone can read about and share information related to the field. Pharmapar will always remain neutral in the process.

Our target audience and contributors

The PharmaBlogue focuses primarily on owner-pharmacists, salaried pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who wish to discuss with health care professionals or learn more about helpful tools and tips to better serve their customers. The platform can be accessed by anyone who wishes to share their knowledge and contribute to a multidisciplinary work effort among the health care community.

How do I contribute?

Become a PharmaBlogue contributor to:

  • Share your knowledge and expertise with the health care community;
  • Promote events, associations or services related to the health care sector;
  • Establish a dialog with the various  people connected to your field;
  • Share your opinions and point of views on the industry.

In short, the PharmaBlogue is:

  • a daily article published Monday through Friday
  • more than 50 contributors from the health care community that write about topics related to health and pharmacy
  • 15 multidisciplinary topics, among which:
    • Diabetes
    • Chronic pain
    • Dyslipidemia
    • Hypertension
  • 4 pharmaceutical categories:
    • Pharmaceutical news
    • The future of pharmacy
    • ATP
    • Management and pharmacy
  • Free daily newsletter

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