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Pharmapar is collaborating with a quebec artist "not made in China"
Pharmapar is collaborating with a quebec artist "not made in China"

Published on Jan. 8, 2012 | Category Chronic

When we visited last year’s Salon des métiers d’art, we literally fell in love with Hugo Didier’s pieces of porcelain. The pottery artist combines ancient technique to modern style in order to create his unique ‘’not made in China’’ porcelain and at the same time commit himself through his stunning achievements. We went on and met with him so as to learn more about the vision conveyed in his work, along with his will to promote a responsible production and consumption.

That’s why Pharmapar has decided to work with that pleasant Québécois craftsman and asked him to design two porcelain creations that will be produced in limited quantities.

First of all, we picked an already existing piece from his current collection, i.e. the 8 oz. coffee glass. Nevertheless, we proudly identified it: Pharmapar, 100% Québécois.

Then we gave the pottery artist carte blanche for him to create a mortar and pestle depicting Pharmapar.

We are now extremely satisfied with the final result and wish to initiate more partnerships with Québécois craftspersons in 2012.


If you wish to learn more about “not made in China” creations, please visit the Website at the following address: www.hugodidier.com




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