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Priva-PANTOPRAZOLE and Priva-VALACYCLOVIR now available at Pharmapar!
Priva-PANTOPRAZOLE and Priva-VALACYCLOVIR now available at Pharmapar!

Published on Oct. 21, 2015 | Category Product launch

Pharmapar is proud to announce the lanuch of two new products in its PRIVA line! 

  • Priva-VALACYCLOVIR | 200 mg tabs 100 
  • Priva-PANTOPRAZOLE | 40 mg tabs 500 

Download the general information sheet of Priva-VALACYCLOVIR (in french only) 

Download the general information sheet of Priva-PANTOPRAZOLE (in french only) 


You may place an order by following either one of these methods:

1. Through your Pharmapar representative

2. By calling our customer service at 514 731-2003 or 1 866 831-2003

3. Directly from Pharmapar’s Website (webpage reserved for pharmacists)

4. Directly from your wholesaler


To place an order for another of our products, please refer to our product catalog.

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