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The pharmacy students : the leaders of tomorrow
The pharmacy students : the leaders of tomorrow

Published on Jan. 11, 2012 | Category Editorial

One cannot deny that reality; there is a pharmacist shortage within the Québécois community pharmacy industry.

Pharmacy students at the UdeM know for sure about that shortage. They also know that they will be the successors of the business, if not the main solution to that shortage issue which already results in unwanted consequences for the industry. They will for instance be given more responsibility upon their internships. Students are curious to learn more about the career they are about to embrace. They know the reality, the by-laws and the players related to that rather restricted market. All the ingredients are gathered to build future qualified and skilled decision makers.

A different partnership between Pharmapar and UdeM pharmacy students:

On October 25 of last year, Pharmapar met with a group composed of 35 pharmacy students from the UdeM in order to tell them more about Pharmapar, give them an industry overview, but also grant them the opportunity to express themselves.

That event led to a unique initiative. Pharmapar realized that young pharmacists had a very important role to play and that they are more aware than we thought. They need to be well informed on the different practices and issues related to the industry and the profession. Being identified as successors to the industry, we must allow them to take a step back and think about what their future practice is about, what are the major stakes awaiting them and give them the opportunity to express themselves, a few more useful elements that may help them to get ready for their future.

Pharmapar thus offered to act as a neutral actor to facilitate the process. We will give selected students the opportunity to use the news section of Pharmapar’s Website to write articles and express their opinion about their future practice.


Each month, a different pharmacy student from the UdeM will write an article that will be posted on Pharmapar’s Website and it will stay there for a 10-month period.

We are aware that we only reach out for a few pharmacy students that will be able to write articles. This is why we created a unique email address in order to collect positive and meaningful comments from any visitor to the Website that would want to directly address the student author of the article.

If you wish to send a comment, please write to the below address: etudiantspharmacie@pharmapar.ca



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