Pharmapar is a family business specialized in distributing generic drugs. Mr. Jean-Louis Gélinas founded the company in 1998.


Our business model

13 years ago, Mr. Gélinas sensed a business opportunity by analyzing Québec community pharmacies privately insured clients’ consuming habits.

The main outcome was that privately insured customers had different habits than the others and they also had specific needs regarding the way their general health was handled.

Knowing the results, the founder didn’t sign the RAMQ manufacturer’s agreement; he created a completely autonomous and independent business with its own sales force: Pharmapar.

Our positioning

From that unique business model ensued a unique positioning; to offer a range of generic pharmaceuticals intended for privately insured Québec residents only. Furthermore, our goal is also to give that very same clientele access to a range of exclusive value-added services that will address formerly targeted needs.

Within the framework of Bill 130, our niche positioning remains the only market where a pharmacist can choose to be entrepreneur by managing his own business this way.

By selecting this positioning, Pharmapar thus became a pioneer in developing a community pharmacy-based business for privately insured customers.

Our mission

To date, we are proud to announce that we are still the one and only private sector development specialist in the field of community pharmacy. We acknowledge that this would have been impossible without the support of our customers-pharmacists to whom we dedicate our business mission.

That’s why we wish to implement a relevant business partnership with motivated entrepreneurs who are interested in offering value-added services and products to their privately insured clientele.


If you want to learn more about Pharmapar Company, please visit the Our Identity tab.

Customer Service: 1-866-831-2003


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