Established in Quebec in 1998 by Mr. Jean-Louis Gélinas, Pharmapar is a business specialized in distributing generics drugs for privately-insured individuals.

Our business model

Pharmapar seized an important business opportunity after analyzing the consumer habits of privately insured individuals throughout Quebec's community pharmacies. We observed that people with private insurance had very different needs in terms of global health care services than those covered by the Quebec health care plan.

In light of these observations, Pharmapar decided target its effort to meet the special needs of the private sector. Pharmapar decided to market its products without signing the RAMQ's manufacturer's engagement, which was no longer essential to its operations and objectives.

That is how Pharmapar was born, a completely independent company specializing in distributing generic drugs as well as providing added-value services for Quebec pharmacies.

Our positioning

Our unique business model has brought forth an innovative positioning: offering a full breath of generic pharmaceuticals as well as an extensive range of exclusive services specifically tailored to privately insured Quebec residents.

As a result of Bill 130, our positioning is the only way for pharmacists to combine both their roles as entrepreneurs and health care professionals. By adopting this positioning, Pharmapar pioneered many initiatives targeted at meeting the needs of the privately insured throughout Quebec's community pharmacies.

Our mission

To this day, Pharmapar is proud to be the only specialized company dedicated to the development of the private sector in the Province's community pharmacies. However, we recognize that our business model is largely dependent on the contribution of owner-pharmacists, which is why they are the main focus of our mission:

Pharmapar wishes to build a business partnership with motivated pharmacists who want to offer products and added-value services to their privately-insured clients through their pharmacies.


If you want to learn more about Pharmapar Company, please visit the Our Identity tab.

Customer Service: 1-866-831-2003


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